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What Back 2 Bed Users are Saying!

Back 2 Bed has really helped control my back pain after my L4/L5 disc herniation. I love being able to keep my back strong and healthy while working my abs, buns and love handles in one quick session!

Liz M. | Columbus, Ohio

What Back 2 Bed Users are Saying!

I struggled with low back pain for months. I tried Back 2 Bed & have been doing it faithfully ever since. What a difference a few simple exercises have made! I can literally feel my back muscles pull into alignment right after the exercises!

Dave N. | Vineland, NJ

What Back 2 Bed Users are Saying!

Being a martial artist and fitness trainer, keeping fit is literally my business. I'm really impressed with your workout system as it allows me to get in a rock solid core workout before my morning shower!

Rich T. | New Brunswick, NJ

What Back 2 Bed Users are Saying!

I was quite surprised at how effective this little device is and I really enjoy using it. Your training system will definitely help a lot of people - congrats guys!

Dr. Christopher DePasquale | East Stroudsburg, PA
Back 2 Back

Core Features and Benefits!

  • World's Lightest, Smallest Total-Core Trainer!
  • Recommended by Top Physicians!
  • Develops Hard to Target Deep-Core Muscles.
  • Works the Entire Core-Belt a Full 360 Degrees.
  • Can Re-activate + Build Gluteal Muscles.
  • Strengthens Posterior-Chain & Multifidus Muscles.
  • Can Remediate Many Forms of Back Pain.
  • 50+ Fun, Challenging & ZERO IMPACT Exercises!
  • Best Home Abdominal Trainer Available!
  • Perfect Travel Workout System.
  • Works Buns, Thighs & Women's Problem Areas.
  • Proudly Handcrafted in the USA!

Advanced Core Training in Bed?? ABSolutely!!

You Already Have the IDEAL Work-Out Surface at Home...Your Bed!

Think about it - your bed / mattress system is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and activity, so why not utilize this fully supportive & shock-absorbing surface to work-out your entire core in ONLY 5 Minutes a Day?

The Ab & Core Trainer Makes it Possible!

Our complete training system including our proprietary exercises on DVD will take your Ab & Core Training to a whole new level! Click for more info.

Ring Gymnasts are known for having impressive physiques. The main reason for this is that they utilize all of their muscles to maintain stability on the unsteady ring apparatus. Ring Gymnasts intuitively surmount what is known as exercise instability. This type of training forces the gymnast's muscles to develop adaptively & more efficiently than linear isolation training. Linear isolation training (e.g. typical ab exercises) targets individual muscle groups - requiring more reps, time and movements to work the entire core. The Ab & Core Trainer is the latest advance in instability training. Our device helps you to train your core like a Ring Gymnast.

The Ab & Core Trainer offers you 3 Modes of Instability:

  1. Our floating Universal Grip Handle provides only a single point of stabilization; you are forced to engage all of your muscles to balance your body as you train, like a ring gymnast!
  2. Our Universal Grip Handle is manufactured with high grade polycarbonate. This material is extremely strong & also flexes as you train. This additional mode of instability forces you to engage the muscles of the hands, forearms and arms.
  3. Because your mattress conforms to & moves with your body you experience the same effect as an instability exercise ball with the added safety and comfort of a large, flat plane!

Absolutely not. We took lengthy steps to develop non-marring foam contact pads for our trainer. Even the finest furniture finishes will be thoroughly protected from scratching. Further, the movements you will perform with our device fall well within the design specifications of your bed support, mattress and/or box-spring system. Please watch our brief video titled "B2B Exercise Instability" (click the 3rd graphic down in the right column of this page). In this video you will see how to employ proper training form when using B2B. When our device is used correctly as instructed, your bed should not be subjected to excessive reverberation caused by momentum. B2B should however not be used on structurally unsound beds / frames or by people who weigh over 300 lbs.

In the suggested 5 minutes a day of training, you will probably not have adequate time to work up a "soaking sweat." You may place a large beach or bath towel on top of the bed surface for your peace of mind and/or if you intend to perform extended strength-building or cardio sessions with your B2B trainer.

There are several very good reasons for this. Firstly, our trainer was specifically designed to attach to the bed; some bed-frames are ornate and many have furniture finishes. Metal components (connecting buckles for example) could very easily mar these delicate finishes. As well, we've designed B2B to be as light and strong as possible - keeping bedroom use, easy storability and portability in mind. The advanced, high-grade materials used to produce B2B provide far more strength than you will ever need, offering a super-lightweight device that is easy to store & handle - plus it won't hurt you should it fall on your bare foot! We're so confident of the durability of our trainer that we offer a lifetime replacement warranty is it ever breaks! Finally, having also designed our training system for travel workouts, we're sure you'll agree that a compact, super-light workout system that fits in your carry-on bag, containing no metal to set off detectors is the way to fly!